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Ranging from simple to very complex data solutions, PevySpace gives you just that. We build modern, intuitive and robust data solutions including, Data Pipelines, Connectors & Customized enterprise data solutions. Check the products section for some of our solutions and Contact Us section for any queries

Our Products


Dubbed as "the first stop for any East African online shopper", PevyPrice is an e-commerce aggregator platform that allows buyers to compare prices among top online merchants such as Jumia, Kilimall, JamboShoppe, Aliroba, 159Onlineshop, among others.

PevyPrice is built using cutting-edge technologies, making it one-of-a-kind and extremely user-friendly in terms of product grouping, performance, and dependability.


PevyGrid delivers a complete ETL platform with the simplest of UIs by directly integrating with numerous data sources, data transformation, and loading.
Perform different data cleaning and transformation tasks, such as adding/removing properties, renaming properties, and merging datasets. Pull data from numerous sources, including data collection tools, REST APIs, excel and csv files.
Finally, put your clean data into other tools like BI tools or use our REST API to get your data.




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